Daily Delight

St. Valentine’s Day week, I attended a showing of artist Lynne Rey’s seriously fun oil paintings – a collection of still lifes imbued with the happy calm of an organized household, featuring quiet moments of domestic bliss. 

How do I love them? Let me count the ways…

Photographed by Maaike BerstromOne – Beautiful, saturated color presented with a limited complimentary color scheme.

Peeled Orange with Segment by Lynne Rey. Photographed by Maaike Bernstrom.





Photographed by Maaike BerstromTwo – Tight, focused crop of still life subjects with a somewhat flattened, forced perspective. As if you were viewing a small detail in a much larger painting and you are left wondering what the rest of the scene may hold.

Water Pitcher with Lemon by Lynne Rey. Photographed by Maaike Bernstrom.




Photographed by Maaike BerstromThree – Choice of subject matter. Tulips, tea pots, doughnuts and cupcakes. Small every day and often overlooked objects of a peaceful homelife.

 Cupcakes from the Cupcake Series by Lynne Rey.


Photographed by Maaike BerstromFour – The smart juxtaposition of a high gilt ornate frame with daily, even mundane subject matter that elevates a portrait of doughnuts to vernerable ancestor status.

Two Doughnuts from the Doughnut Series by Lynne Rey. Photographed by Maaike Bernstrom. 



Pure Whimsy.

Can you see the Doughnut Series in your kitchen? Cupcakes in the powder room? Or the Tulips in the front hall? Really anywhere you need a shot of sublime, delightful domesticity in your harried, hectic homelife these sweet little paintings will do the trick.

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Architect Barbie

Mattel's Barbie I can be... Architect

When I first heard this doll was in the works (maybe a few months or a year back), I was psyched – Architect Barbie, how cool is that?

But when I saw her online this weekend, I was disappointed and maybe even a little horrified. Pink drawing tube, high heel black booties, a short dress and a hard hat – yikes, that’s pretty far from reality (sounds more like Street Walker Barbie tangled with the Village People).
And then, in maybe the next breath, I got over it – this is a toy! It’s for imaginative and creative play and for fun. I think they did a great job, love the city skyline dress, the side pony tail and the black eye glasses (I have had all those things). LOVE that the hard-hat is *not* pink, and that helps me get past the pink drawing tube and the pink model… Overall, fabulous! Besides, most Barbies end up naked with their hair chopped off, at least mine did.
Do I think this will help attract more young women to the profession? No, and frankly I don’t think there is a problem attracting females to the profession (most arch schools are 50/50 male-female). The trouble we have is keeping women in the profession and actually converting them to licensed architects. Which is maybe why my first response to the doll was one part horror and one part disappointment due to the lack of reality/ false impression given. The box disclaimer should read “This is a good toy for a young child, but not intended as an accurate representation for the 16-22 year old who is considering or pursuing the profession.”
Personally, I’d like to see Physicist Barbie, Truck Driver Barbie, or maybe 4-Star General Barbie. Or a little closer to home – General Contractor Barbie.
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